Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Passing the "Asteroids Test"

Fractal AI is quite mature by now, it has reached a quite big milestone, being the first "finished" fractal AI I have been able to produce to date. It is not still "completed" in a general sense, but with some prefixed limitations, it is finished.

I stresssed it with 30 asteroids using only 100 futures (in previous tests I needed 300 or 500 futures to get something like this) and it was no problem for the rocket at all. Then I tried 40 asteroids. Again no problem but more stress.

50 was too much for it. The sky was full of asteroids, I didn't spect it to survive at first, but it did. I did manage to fly away the shower, but survivided! It is a new record.

With more futures (about 200) it could have done, in fact, it is quite near to scape, but end up badly landed, but alive. I will try to pass the 60 barrier, but not sure it is possible to do...

UPDATE: I tried with 200 futures, and it made the trick:

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