Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Folding proteins with a fractal

Yesterday I posted about the fractal algorithm adapted to function optimising, the test I showed was nice, but dealing with a 2D function is not so great if you plan to go big.

After that Guillem forgot to go home and stayed coding a little more at the office. This morning the algorithm was able to load test proteins and try to fold them by minimising the Lennard-Jones potential of the cluster. He sleept in the sofa!

Here you see it folding a 5 atoms "protein":

Monday, 15 February 2016

Serious fractal optimizing

Guillem Duran, my friend and college from twitter, is now full-time at work with me at converting the "one way" fractal algorithm used in my latest AI into a "serious" general optimising algorithm in python: given a function, find its global (as opposed to local) maximum -or minimum- value it can get on its entire domain -the points on the state space where the function is defined.

Last week we finished the conversion, so we are just starting to benchmark it against other "state of the art" similar algorithms, but to have a first view of the you have a preliminar video here: