Monday, 1 August 2016

What is Consciousness?

Some days ago I wrote a little about how this fractal AI works, it was not too detailed and the really important details were intentionally left unsolved. I promise to fill the gaps in short for you to be able to try the fractals by your self, but not now.

Today I want to give an overview of how the "complete fractal AI algorithm" could look like in some months, the ideas I am actually working on, and specially some random thoughts about consciousness.

The part I am now working at is about how to add memory to the fractal AI. This far, fractal AI was totally memory-less, meaning it does not learn from experience at all. I now call this an pure instinct-drive or intuitive mind. When you ask something to this AI, it thinks on the problem from scratch, and gives you an answer that is good enough for evolving in this medium with intelligence, a "real time " decision making algorithm good enough for many task.

But while driving a rocket on a difficult environment is hard but can be done with just an intuitive fractal AI, most NP-hard problems -problems where the time needed to solve it grows exponentially with the size of the problem to be solved- are usually not so easy to solve just with pure intelligence, usually you need something more to guide the intuition.