Sunday, 31 May 2015

First talk translated into english

While reviewing the video of my first talk (I do it frequently, but this time I happily discovered it mentioned on a data analysis blog I was just reading) I noticed automatic subtitles were available, and quite nicely converted to text for my surprise, wow!

I tried the english automatic translation and hey, you wouldn't say, but it was near perfect, even the little jokes were almost intact!

So if you were willing to listen to a simple explanation of this "Entropic Intelligence" algorithm, one you can easily understand and directly apply to your home-made kart simulation (or whatsoever it is), here you are, just remember to activate subtitles and then, clicking on the gear, select translate and choose you own languaje, it will do it quite right.

Pauli's Exclusion Principle

Quantum physic plays a big role in developing an artificial intelligence, more than many could think at first glance.

Back in the days I was developing the Entropic Intelligence, I needed to discard similar ending futures before evaluating the "Future Entropy" of a given option. This was because "entropy" always involves using a given minimum distance so futures that ends closer than this must be considered only one single future. If this remainded you some quantum principle like exclusion, you were quite rigth.

Entropic Intelligence grouping future end points

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Entropic vs Fractal AI

This blog has been devoted to "Entropic Emotional AI" until some weeks ago. Now I call this "old" implementation of the AI the "linear" or the "entropic" version, while now my attention has shifted to "Fractal Emotional AI".

Why? What makes this change in the wording means? Is "Fractal" any better that "Entropic"?

Short answer is Fractal is much better, powerful and simplier. It is the big brother of the now weak Entropic AI. It performs much better that the previous one in terms of the emerging intelligent behaviours and, more important (or not) it is far more flexible and extendable than it was never.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

4 Fractal Ninjas

Tonight four of my new "fractal minded" rockets have been playing "Ninja fight". As before, you can compare it with the "linear/entropic" version of the algorithm here.

The rules are simple: If rocket "A" touch "B" with the tip of its main thruster flame, it takes energy from it.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Fractal minds

Yesterday I found a video that really caught my attention: Starting from the fractal shape of our brain, the speaker Wai H. Tsang derives the fractal working of the intelligence (hey! like my fractal intelligence!) and propose a fractal way to model intelligence... a 90% match with my actual work!

The second part of the video go through consciousness, the great missing part in my actual schema (ouch!) and from this point, it jumps to the universe, religions, god... I have walked down this road too, with almost exactly the same results, except I used entropic principles to make the walk, while he used fractals. My trip was months before I jumped into fractals, that is why there is a difference. Any how, I agree with Wai 100%.

If you liked my fractal intelligence videos and want to know what makes this idea work so great (and great by it self) please take this journey, you wont regreat.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Fractal AI at full power

This weekend I was fixing the fractal version of the AI to avoid those "silly decisions" that the first, alpha version, was clearly doing now and then.

The exponential growth of the fractals was badly defined, so after some days of thinking about it, I changed it and... voila! I was right this time!

Now the fractal version of the emotional AI really shines, making the linear one to pale in comparation.

Have a look at some fractal rockects dealing with 30 falling asteroids, all having uncertaintly on theirs positions, so the scenario is comparable to the one used in the last post.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Fractal intelligence, first videos

So how does this "Fractal Emotional Intelligence" really compares with the previous model, the "Entropic Emotional Intelligence"?

Yesterday it was worst, much worst, today it is almost as intelligent... or more. Intelligence is dificult to measure, the only way for me is to record a couple of long videos and watch them carefully, then use my intuition. Poor method, but what else is available?

You should start by watching the old "linear" intelligence dealing with a dangerous meteor shower in the previous post before going on. To be fair, I would suggest you to watch the "Uncertaintly" video as it mimic the conditions used in the next videos (falling asteroids are seen by rockets with some uncertaintly, so where will they fall is fuzzy for them).

Linear intelligence was well developed when this video was made, and the resulting behaviuor was excellent (from my highly biased point of view). Fractal version is still in alpha/beta version, some internals are not 100% converted and tested in the new model, so keep in mind this fractal version has still to grow up a little before judging.

That said, here you have a video in the same circumstances, but using fractal intelligence. Thinking debug is "on" in the few initial seconds, so you can stop the video and inspect the fractal path the rocket is using (it is too caothic to be "on" all the time).


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Fractal function optimization

I planed to upload only one video per day until I had no more things to show you about those fractals, but I can not start this serie of posts without showing you one of my favourites: a fractal whos growth laws were designed to make it "sniff" towards the function's global maximum, go there, and then start a deep scan to find a better place.

A "maximizing plant" if you prefer.

Introducing fractal intelligence

Hi again dear -and rare- reader.

I am back writting after some months without activity, and it was not because I was busy writing a paper about the entropic intelligence (it is still unfinished), it was because I have been working hard on a "fractal" version of the intelligence engine.

Fractals are for algortihms what bluetooth is (was?) for devices: everything works better and faster. The dark side of fractals are they are hard to define, too caothic, at least if you want to make real calculations with them (instead of generating nice fractal images).