Sunday, 31 May 2015

First talk translated into english

While reviewing the video of my first talk (I do it frequently, but this time I happily discovered it mentioned on a data analysis blog I was just reading) I noticed automatic subtitles were available, and quite nicely converted to text for my surprise, wow!

I tried the english automatic translation and hey, you wouldn't say, but it was near perfect, even the little jokes were almost intact!

So if you were willing to listen to a simple explanation of this "Entropic Intelligence" algorithm, one you can easily understand and directly apply to your home-made kart simulation (or whatsoever it is), here you are, just remember to activate subtitles and then, clicking on the gear, select translate and choose you own languaje, it will do it quite right.

You will notice comments are not enabled on YouTube. This video belongs to the Elche University CIO and so I have no editing rights, but feel free to comment here if you feel in the need, I will be happy to answer.

And remeber, this is about the "linear" version of the algorithm, an unfinished version of the "Entropic Emotional Intelligence". The fractal one is different in some important points, but esentially the same thing, so you will need to fully understand this entropic AI in order to understand the fractal version of it.

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