Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Fractal minds

Yesterday I found a video that really caught my attention: Starting from the fractal shape of our brain, the speaker Wai H. Tsang derives the fractal working of the intelligence (hey! like my fractal intelligence!) and propose a fractal way to model intelligence... a 90% match with my actual work!

The second part of the video go through consciousness, the great missing part in my actual schema (ouch!) and from this point, it jumps to the universe, religions, god... I have walked down this road too, with almost exactly the same results, except I used entropic principles to make the walk, while he used fractals. My trip was months before I jumped into fractals, that is why there is a difference. Any how, I agree with Wai 100%.

If you liked my fractal intelligence videos and want to know what makes this idea work so great (and great by it self) please take this journey, you wont regreat.

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