Friday, 19 September 2014

Adding evolution to the mix

My second experiment was about using a simple evolutive algorithm to fine adjust the goal strengths in order to get the best possible set of strengths given the environment you place the players in.

I added a "magic" check box on the app so you can switch on this evolution, then add new players if desired, goals, and let the population grow and the best adapted selected over time.

Follow my orders!

After some months without working in this algorithm, I am back with some new ideas to code, but before this, I want to show you a couple of experiments I made before the summer break.

First one, showed at the talk in Miguel Hernandez University in an early stage, is just a concept test: could this intelligence be used to drive a vehicle without effort and safely, but following you directions in real time?

Imagine a real car using this algorithm to drive you anywhere, you can let it drive for you as in a google car, but with an added hability of a "semi-autonomous mode".