Tuesday, 2 June 2015

3D Fractal QED

This time I want to show you the Quantum Electrodynamic "fractal simulator" on a 3D environment, so you can compare it with the previous 2D simulation video.

Again, the proton is not a real proton. If it were, it would scape from the trap inmediately, but I didn't want this to happend, so i keept it on screen by changing it a little.

I have redefined colors this time and also added a sound track, as youtube user Saelikho suggested me. Good choice, Saelikho!

In some point in the video I switched to a top view, just to have a small 3D "sensation". After some time, I switch off the sparks on screen, so only the "macro" particles are visibles.

It is funny to note that, even those "big" particles can  attrack, repel or orbit around others, they don't really "exists" in the fractal definition, they don't play any significant role, just represent the averaged position of all the little sparks on its cloud.

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