Tuesday, 10 February 2015

News from the front

Before saying actually nothing, and just to show something in the post, I will show some of the drawings I am preparing for the paper:

In this case, the drawing is a little obsolete -code is still changing its shape- and I need to re-draw it.

I have been some months now without updating the blog, so many of you could think this EEI (Emotional Entropic Intelligence) proyect is iddle at the moment, but this is far from true, so I am writting this post just to let you know were am I focusing now and what to spect in the near future.

First thing to comment is the paper. I stoped writting it after about 1/2 of the work, but I have re-started the task this week.

The main reason why I stoped writting is that I finally found a definitive "cure" for negative feelings in the emotional intelligence. It means now we can safely play with goals that generate negative enjoy (fear) for instance, without any patologic behaviour showing up. Really goods news for the stability of the algortihm and a great limitation that dissapears.

This new formulas have already been implemented on the software and they work better than the previous approach, but some fine details are still being tuned. During the next few days it should be tested and closed, may be I will then publish a new software version along with a blog entry about those changes.

This new approach, the "relativistic mind" as I call it, forced me to change the internals of the goals, but now it is simplier and quite more clear, so it looks as a nice addition to the algortihm to me.

Once those details are ok, I will made the correspoding changes to the paper and go all way down until finishing it. It will not cover some fancy expansions of the idea, I will let all this for a possible new article, or a small eBook, who knows.

BTW, this august I plan to be in Germany attending the International MCDM Society 2015 conferences.

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