Tuesday, 21 October 2014

First "emotional" video

My code is not still "fully emotional" this far, some cases are not still used and others lack more testing, but I am ready to produce my first video where goals are considered in this new "emotional" way.

The video just shows the old test case of a set of agents -karts in this case- moving around, where the must collect drops and then deploy it on squared containers to get a big reward, but this time they are rockets inside a cavern and follow the goals in a fully "emotional way".

The changes are not totally evident in this case, the task is too simple to make a great difference, surely I need to find more challenging scenarios for the next videos. But you will still notice the big step in the small details: how actively the pursue theirs goals and how efficiently they do it.

You will notice the rockets has changed. Before this, there were a couple of gauges showing you the energy and health levels, but they were quite distracting. Now the energy and the health levels are represented as triangles painted on the left and right sides of the rocket bodies.

Once the three energy containers have been filled, the main goal is no longer active and they change into a more borring strategy of just hover around and land to refill energy. I could had avoided it be rising the strength of the "get drops" and "love speeding" goals, or lowering the "care about energy" one, but my main goal was to show a set of agents with a strong tendency to do sometinhg -collect energy- but still being capable of keep healthy by correctly using their "dont loose your health" warning feeling.

I will post new videos as soon as I can produce nice test cases of all possible "feelings" combinations, but at the present moment, I still need to retune some old parts of the code that are not working with this new model (in particular, there are a couple of mechanism to auto adjust internal parameters of the AI -the grid size for detecting similar futures and the sensibility of the joysticks- that I miss a lot as they improve intelligence and stability at no cost).

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