Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Emotions full power

In this post I just show you a couple of new videos using the full "emotional" model for the goals and also a new system to auto adjust the joystick sensitivity (I will comment on this on a future post, it is far more important that it seems).

Asteroid field

First video shows 6 rockets being streessed by a asteroid field (with 50 of them) randomly falling down and how the actual intelligence can deal with this without getting nervous at all (this is thanks to the new joystick model).

I created this simulation because I needed some visual way to judge how competent the agents are in hard/delicate/streessing situations. It was the third or fourth video of a serie, as it was almost imposible to make a rocket be hited by a rock using 10, 20 of 30 asteroids at the same time, so finally I tried with 50, and even then only one rocket get hited!

We need the algorithm to be solid rock and stable, so this kind of tests are of great interest to me.

It is really the most remarkable video I have produced this far.

Natural killers

The second video uses the same algorithm, but this time we have two "ninja rockets" that can use its thruster flames to burn other's energy out. If one rocket burn 50% of the other's energy, one half, 25%, is added to its own energy, as if the laser beam could bring in some energy.

Burning others score quite high on both (I use a "gain feeling" associated with the energy burned out on the other player) but red one likes blood twice as much as the white one, so as spected, red one finaly wins in 2:30.

But then it will notice that the broken white rocket still has some energy left, as it was able to take some before crashing from an energy drop (the green circles), so it comes back to finish the work.

This final attack (at 3:00) is really interesting, as the red one uses the walls to rotate as if it where in a action film.

After that, life goes on as usual, nothing interesting happend.

The videos were recorded using V1.5 of the software, but I will not post it until I reach V2.0 and all code is cleaned up and ready for the next big step: multilayered intelligence.

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