Thursday, 15 June 2017

Fractal optimising, a first paper

The fractal "family" of algorithms actually started as a very naïve optimising algorithm: after all, intelligence is just about maximising a certain "utility function", so they are quite related.

Once the fractal AI was done, the optimisation facet was again re-visited with a much more promissing results to later abandon it again.

And finally, with the help of our friend José María Amigó from the Miguel Hernandez University, we wrote an article about this fractal algorithm we named "GAS" (namely for "General Algorithmic Search" but it was actually for the capitals on our names, Guillem, Amigó and Sergio) and compared it against other similar ones out there (Basin hopping, Descent evolution and Cuckoo search).

The paper is already out in arXiv but a big publication rejected it because 10 particles Lennard-Jones only accounts for a 20 variables optimisation, and for todays standard, it happends that less than hundreds of variables is just not so interesting... anyhow, this is my first ever paper, so I am very glad.

A second paper could be released sometime if we re-visit the issue again, I have some nice ideas about dealing with big L-J clusters, so who knows, it may even work!


  1. Hello Sergio,

    Interesting works! would be interesting to chat with you sometimes.

    1. Click on "References" to find my contact info, always nice to chat about those things, so feel free!