Monday, 18 April 2016

Entropic AI using Excel

Some days ago, Raul Perez (@raulperezrpm) kindly contacted me on twitter to comment about my first talk on entropic intelligence, and just two days later, I received a video from him of the entropic algorithm working inside Excel macros!

With the corresponding permision from Raúl Perez, you have the excel document ready for download on the Download area or clicking here V1 or here V2.

I can not comment about his code as I don't use/have/plan to have excel on my PC, but LibreOffice was able to open and run it (but the track was not properly detected, surely filled cells are not detected in the same way).

Raúl, thanks a lot for your interest and specially for sharing your expertise on the blog!


Raúl sent me a new version (V2) with more circuits and the hability to show the traces of the futures as it is thinking. Translating from his email:

"Now you have 3 sheets, one with Montmelo Circuit (Barcelona), another with a leberinth and another with a open place. Three diferent scenarios to try the objetc!

Pushing PLAY will ask you if you wish to see the trail of the kart or the trails of the futures as it build them. Tracks can be hand-modified by filling o clearing cells with color.

If someone were interested in the code, click on "Programmer" tab (not sure it is the right name) then "Visual Basic". Objects code is in the class module "Object" while the algorithm itself is in the module named "Entropica".

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