Thursday, 29 October 2015

Time traveling fractal AI, a first approach

Finding a way for the fractal futures to be able to travel back in time, as in Feynman diagrams and integrals, has proved to be a little tricky, but I feel I am quite near to solve it.

In the mean time, I want to share a "dead end" try to accomplish this by using succesive layers of futures sended to the future in different succesive times, so they act as a serie of concentric wave fronts that travels to the future reinforcing each other.

Let start by showing a nice video of this idea at work:

In the avobe video you see how those 5 layers are sprung from the players position one after the other. First one is colored in yellowm then orange, than red, and finally, the last one, is black.

The idea did work to some extent: using 5 layers of 100 futures, for instance, did a better job than sending 100 futures in the "one way fractal" style, but it didn't really improved too much when copared to a sigle "one way" wave of 5x100 = 500 futures, you I have to admit that the graphics formed with the first are much nicer than it were in the one way version.

So I just share it here because the output is beautyful. A good reason to do it.

Black point can ask the others how it is in the future, so their decision are much more efficient. So you will see how black point easily win the race. But they are so good, some time, in the turns, they all crash, and then reincarnate in the red or orange or yellow ones, that are more conservative as they know less about theirs futures.

So first layers act as backups for the super powered black points.

The resulting images resemble a fire bolt traveling the maze, leaving a rainbow colored trail that makes the video even nicer...

But this is not a real "Feynamn " or "two ways" fractal, as futures are not allowed to travel back in time, just to pass some information to near front waves living in a small "slice of time" of, in the video, 0.5 seconds.

A new version is on its way to solve this by forming "lighting strikes" instead of fire bolts. This will be the real "back in time traveling" version of the fractal, the "Feynman" or "two ways" one, but its output will never be this beautiful, you will just see semi-random rays casted from the player showing you the best path in front of you.

Uglier but much more usefull and efficient I hope!

Bonus: I spect the new version to generate someting like that:

Sorry, source unknow. Site "" is dead

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