Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A seminary on optimizing using entropic intelligence.

This past monday I hold a small seminary on the University Miguel Hernandez (UMH) of Elche about optimizing using this entropy based AI, in short there will be a nice video of it, but in spanish my friends (I will try to subtitle it to english if I have the right to do it on the video and the patience).

The note about the conference can be found here (again, the little abstract is in spanish, and google translate didn't work for this url, at least for me):

A google translation of the abstract, not so bad... once I have fixed some odd wordings:


Entropy is a key concept in physics, with an amazing potential and a relatively simple definition, but it is so difficult to calculate in practice that, apart from being a great help in theoretical discussions, not much real usage is possible.

Intelligence, on the other hand, is extremely difficult to define, at least in such a general way and specific enough to allow a direct and general conversion into any artificial intelligence algorithm.

A new approach to what defines "intelligence" or "intelligent behavior" points directly to the concept of entropy as ultimately responsible of it, and although the design and development of this idea on a theoretical level is somewhat complex, its application into algorithms for artificial intelligence turns out to be incredibly simple, making it a very promising approach even at this early stage of the idea.

The resulting intelligence is able to handle any kind of "system" that you can simulate in a "smart" way without the need of defining any specific goals.

Also it is  shown a way to manipulate the  formulation of entropy itslef in order to "implant" in the resulting intelligence a tendency to maximize any objective function of our choice, obtaining truly useful algorithms in the field of proccess optimization.

As an example, we will apply the above idea to create a simple algorithm capable of driving a simulated kart around unknow circuits on all types showing a very " close to optimal" behavior.

I will edit this post (and add a new one) once the video is available.

Finally the video is out, but I can't find a way to subtitle it, surely only the owner can.

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